While India is definitely a one of the leading countries when it comes to the emerging industrial nations of the world, it is not without its fair share of challenges. In fact, experts have noticed that most of these problems that the businesses face are due to the lack of a proper logistics partner. Sound logistics is what makes the process of goods being moved from the point of origin to their final destination an easier and seamless task and the lack of it can adversely affect the respective businesses as well as the end consumer. Here are some of the top challenges that the businesses are facing right now, that can be solved by partnering with a logistics company in India.

  1. Hike in Fuel Prices: Fuel prices are definitely a matter of concern and at present, India is struggling to keep the price of petrol under check. Higher fuel prices are definitely going to increase transportation cost as fuel surcharges go up. This in turn is going to increase the freight rates and it could be a difficult for a business to stay afloat if such prices continuously cut into the revenue. Logistics services, however, could make long term calculations and still find the silver lining in the cloud, by helping in cutting costs elsewhere as they have a clearer understanding of the bigger picture.
  • Improved Customer Service: Customers today are more informed than ever and they want transparency in their transactions all the time. In fact, fast shipping is an expectation that e-commerce portals are striving to keep up with and the customers are unwilling to pay anything extra for shipping within two days. However, such quick delivery of items requires a seamless system, free from transportation glitches or tracking issues and only a proper freight services company in India can help with that. With thousands of requests pouring in each day, it is imperative that a logistics partner handle the delivery of items.
  • Shortage of drivers and retention: The freight industry is largely on the drivers but there problems are looked into the least. Drivers move away from this dangerous line of work and coporates can hardly look into all their needs at the same time as they are deal with rapid change of regulations. A logistics partner, well versed with how the freight industry work will be able to help much more as they know how to communicate better with drivers and ensure that the cargo reaches where it is supposed, with minimum hassle, as well as help with driver retention by giving them the perks they expect.
  • Implementation of technology: A number of new technology is being developed to help with freight movement and handling large cargo but the manufacturing or the distributing companies alone cannot always keep track of them, nor do they always have the skilled workforce needed for the job. Logistics services and supply chain management companies train and groom personnel for exactly such job positions so that eventually help with the implementation of technology and also help chalk out new strategies that can help with better management in the production units as well as the final delivery.
  • Complying with Regulations: There is a reason that people believe that logistics is mostly all about receipts and manifests and they are not entirely wrong. Government regulations often change fast, and without notice, and businesses are not even aware of these changes most of the time. Both the central and state departments have their own regulations and with the lack of a logistics partner, it is almost impossible to comply with all of them while the cargo is in transit. The logistics company will help acquire the Proof of Delivery, fully complying with all the regulations, without the parent company having to worry about it.